Enjoy Christmas in Singapore With the New Popsical Remix

Enjoy Christmas in Singapore With the New Popsical Remix

Nothing gets you into the festive season better than some heartwarming Christmas carols. But what would happen if you were to mix Christmas carols with heavy drums and a strong bassline? Fitting something new into your singing skill isn't the easiest thing to do, especially when there are various famous Christmas songs in the list. Creating your own melody in your karaoke number offers yet another level of originality and can often be a tasteful twist. Sometimes you might just want to add a little extra to the original or expand on ideas.

The possibilities are endless with Popsical Remix

 Popsical Remix

Want to impress your peers? Get creative with Popsical!

There are awesome features on Popsical to remake your karaoke singing experience. Popsical Remix is a gateway platform to find yourself a track to refine to your liking with its sound-enhancing features and more. Singing karaoke songs are exciting. It’s fun. It’s an awesome hobby and skill to practice.

Karaoke is a fun addition to Christmas parties and your guests will absolutely love it. You can perform any song in your style and always add something uniquely your own. You can sing by yourself, or sing on a duet with your friends or add an exciting new element to your party, your phone, and television and become the karaoke machine you want and need. Popsical is the popular portable all-in-one karaoke home entertainment system that is very easy to use, extremely user-friendly and stress-free payment options. You can opt to purchase the new Popsical Remix in four instalments using the Hoolah payment option when you check out. 

Popsical Remix payment option with Hoolah

There are two Microphones to share singing, 14 language selections for everyone around the world to enjoy, now, how fun it is to party on Christmas with karaoke.

popsical microphones

Its functionality on its side offers plenty of features to play with. There are multiple and quirky features selected, as far as the sound and video quality is concerned they provide with the best and latest versions of songs one can enjoy without any problem. It is fully protected with flexible subscription options and copyright contents working with countless record labels to provide the most authentic music experiences for you.

You can build playlists of your favourite songs and with our latest and improved Popsical Remix, making it perfect for parties and bigger crowds. Adding a touch of fun and a pinch of funk, no one will stop you from making your holiday merrier. The beauty brought to us by Popsical Remix is you can select any song and sing it to your version of perfection. A unique feature of this karaoke machine to turn your karaoke experience into a notch higher than before. The creative and free nature of Popsical Remix has allowed many genres, styles and, most importantly, cultures to be merged. It can be an art form with an interactive, immersive or collaborative thinking for the song and creating something out of it. Giving karaoke an electronic facelift, this new era is transforming creative expression, bringing your holiday it into a whole new level.

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