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What is Popsical App?

The Popsical App allows your mobile device to be used as a remote control for your Popsical. Connect with multiple mobile devices at the same time where everyone can add their favourite songs to the play queue without interruption.

Download at:


Other than using the remote mobile app that is designed for optimised experience, you can also use the physical remote (provided in the package) to navigate through our music library and queue songs.

How to pair new Popsical app with Popsical devices

Make sure that both your mobile phone and your Popsical device are:


  1. Updated to the latest app version.
    In order to pair successfully, make sure your both Popsical devices app version is updated to at least
    version 2.7.12 and the Popsical app version on your mobile phone is updated to at least version 2.0.6. If one of the device is not updated to those minimum version then the pairing will not working properly.

  2. Connected to the internet.
    Unlike previous app versions, both your mobile phone and Popsical devices are no longer needed to be in the same WiFi, you just have to make sure that both have access to the internet.


Please note that 2 requirements above are mandatory.


Pairing Popsical app with the Popsical device


  • Open the Popsical app, continue using Facebook or sign up/ login using email.

  • On the Home screen, Tap the 'device' button on the bottom-left of the screen



  • Tap the "Pair with Popsical" button


  • Fill the 6 numeric 'Party Code' that is shown on the top right of your TV screen


  • That's it!
    You are now paired and able to control your Popsical device with your mobile. Once you are paired, you will see the mobile icon on the tv increased. The mobile icon will indicate how many mobile is currently paired with the device




  • Once it's paired, it will be paired permanently with the Popsical device unless you intentionally unpair it.

How do I suggest new songs to Popsical?

Please note that all song requests are subject to licensing rights and our approval. It will take a few weeks to be uploaded.


Step 1

Open the Popsical App from your mobile device.


Step 2

Search for a non-existent song. You will be prompted with the option to "Suggest Song".


Step 3

Fill up the form and submit.

iOS & Android App Troubleshooting

If your mobile app doesn't work, you can try the following methods below but first thing first please ensure that both Popsical device and mobile phone are connected to the internet.


If you can still control Popsical device using physical remote control but not using the app:

1. Soft restart the mobile app by closing it and opening it again. If still not working then try next step

2. Unpair from device and pair again. If still not working then try next step

3. Logout and login again. If still not working then try next step

4. Uninstall and install the app again. If still not working then try next step


If the issue persist, now check Popsical device:

  1. Refresh the app
    You can do refresh / soft restart your Popsical device by clicking home button on physical remote control.

    If still not working then try next step
  2. Change the network.
    You can either change to other network or forget current network and use it again.

    From the "main menu", go to "network", select other network and enter the password.

    From the “main menu”, go to “settings”, select “network settings”, select your wifi-network, press “forget”, then re-enter your wifi password and click “connect”. Press the “back” button to return to the “main menu”.

    If still not working then try next step

  3. Logout and activate again
    From the "main menu", go to "account", click logout and activate the TV again using remote app.

    If still not working then try next step

  4. Hard restart
    If issue still persist, you can try to hard restart the device by unplugging the cable and plug it again to restart the device. It is also recommended to logout first before hard restart.


If the issue persists, please reach out and chat us on our facebook page or website. You can also send an email at