Charaku introduces a new generation of Karaoke - POPSICAL – Popsical

Charaku introduces a new generation of Karaoke - POPSICAL

Charaku is building the future of Karaoke with revolutionary hardware and software, complete with a Livestream function that's set to disrupt the Karaoke industry.

Thoughtfully designed hardware and software allows Karaoke users plug-n-play convenience with POPSICAL's 2-part system. Plug into any sound system and TV for a fluid Karaoke-on-demand experience. It is lightweight, stylish, and fits right into any environment. The POPSICAL App allows users to queue the playlist right from their smartphones.

All you need is an internet connection to browse through an ever-growing music library of songs in multiple languages. The library stays constantly updated so you can sing to the latest hits. Ready to start showing off your talent to the world? Plug in the POPSICAL Cam for the ultimate POPSICAL Live experience and stream your performance on Facebook Live.

"It's about time that Karaoke is cloud-streamed and fun again" says Faruq Marican, POPSICAL's Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. "Those who have used POPSICAL will never want to go back to the obsolete systems that are currently being used in homes and KTVs around the world."

Current investors include Quest Ventures, a leading Singapore-based venture capital firm who currently backs Burpple, Carousell, Oddle, SGAG and, and Mediacorp, the largest media broadcaster and provider in Singapore.

Right now, POPSICAL is transitioning into the crowdfunding stage and is scheduled for launch in December 2016.

POPSICAL has stated that the price of the Karaoke system will be "below USD300". It is inviting interested parties and potential customers to guess the final price of the device and stand a chance to win a free unit of POPSICAL at