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Why Music Is the Best Therapeutic Activity

The Healing Powers of Singing and Listening Music  

Music can affect us mentally and emotionally, without us even realizing it. In a sense, music can be therapeutic for us. Listening and singing along to the music can be a mood booster, but it doesn't stop there. Studies show that music can also have beneficial effects on your mind and body. A healthy mind can lead to a healthy body. People who practice music therapy find a lot of benefits associated with it. Even hospitals are starting to use music therapy to aid with pain management. Music can also help ward off depression, give a sense of calm, ease tension, and encourage movement. There are also times when all you need is to listen to sad songs to express how you really feel.  Here are a few of the effects of music on us:


Brain Waves

brain waves when singing and listening to music

Music can influence your brainwaves. Studies have shown that music with strong beats can stimulate brainwaves to resonate in time with the beat. Faster beats stimulate sharp concentration and alert thinking. Slow beats promote calmness.


Heart Rate and Breathing

healing powers of singing and listening to music

The way music affects the brainwaves sends ripple effects to other bodily functions. Your breathing and heart rate can be affected by the changes that music therapy can bring. It can give you more relaxed breathing, a slower heart rate, and just a sense of relaxation. Music and music therapy can help you prevent the damaging effects chronic stress can give you.


Better State of Mind

singing karaoke gives you a better state of mind

Music can help keep depression and anxiety at bay. Uplifting and happy music can give you a more positive state of mind. A positive state of mind can help you prevent yourself from wreaking havoc on your own body, as a response to stress, anxiety, or depression. A better state of mind can also help keep you creative and optimistic as well. 

Body Wellness

singing and listening to music can give your body wellness

Not only can music therapy be good for your mind, but it can also be beneficial to your body as well. Studies have shown that music therapy can lower your blood pressure, boost your immunity, ease tense muscles, and a lot more. Low blood pressure means that you have a reduced risk of getting a stroke, along with other health complications associated with it. 


With all the beneficial effects music therapy can give, it comes to no surprise that it is rising in popularity. While music therapy is important, you might have already been doing it unconsciously for a while now, turning to music whenever you feel happy or sad, or even stressed out. 


Music can be your refuge from the stress of daily life. Whenever you feel the need to relax, music can help you. Whenever you need a boost of energy when you are feeling drained, listen to your favourite song. Feeling sad and anxious? Listen to something uplifting and calming. Or better yet give karaoke a chance and sing it out all your feelings. Music can help you release the negative feelings you get when you are dealing with emotional stress. This, in turn, keeps you motivated and positive. 

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