Tis' the Season to be jolly with Popsical Remix your Christmas

Remix Your Christmas this Year

The custom of singing Christmas carols brings joy to the holiday season, unlike any other tradition. With Christmas around the corner, we’ve put together extra special prizes for this holiday a contest open to all ages.
Popsical allows you to record your own selfie karaoke performance video and share it with their followers across social media. The versatile connectivity with any soundbar or home entertainment system and the capability of pairing an unlimited mobile device is probably the best way to showcase your singing as well as the lyrical talent to the music industry worldwide. This is the chance to be the star, only for a night, only for one song.

Popsical Remix my Christmas
Using Popsical you can sing, record and share your performances with your social media followers. It has access to unlimited songs with 14 language selections for you to choose from. You just need to connect it to your device, the app will keep your song library updated with today’s greatest hits. The song collections available on the app get daily/weekly update to ensure users always have the latest songs for their karaoke performance. The amazing audio effects make you feel like a star and also allows sharing of performances across social media platforms. This will allow you to transform any song into a perfect match for Christmas. The creative and free nature of Popsical Remix has allowed many genres, styles and, most importantly, cultures to be merged. It can be an art form with an interactive, immersive or collaborative thinking for the song and creating something out of it. Popsical Remix is a gateway platform to find yourself a track to refine to your liking with its sound-enhancing features and more.

Many contestants overlook this part of the preparation process. Singing in a competition or contest is very different from performing in front of your regular audience. You have to make sure that you select songs that are well-suited for your voice to sing, instead of songs that you may love to listen to or sing but may not suit your voice at all. Knowing the most comfortable range in your voice is essential to know how to select songs that will show off your best vocal quality to different singing styles and genres. Once you figure that out, you can start working on perfecting your style. The best songs to sing for an audition are ones that are well within your range, preferably ones that you have already performed in public, and most importantly, that are appropriate for this holiday season.
You can pick the most popular songs, trending songs, songs from tops artists for your Karaoke performance. The idea is to pick the star songs and make the karaoke performers feel like real stars and gives you more confidence in singing. However, popular songs are not always the answer. Another common mistake that contestants make is singing songs listed in the top hits. That may work for some but remember not all songs matches your voice. Look for songs that match the character of your voice.

Remember, you are in a singing contest because you want to win, always do your vocal warmups before you sing!
A strong advantage over the rest of your competitors makes it easier for you to impress your viewers and followers. Many contestants who take part in singing contests fail because they forgot their lyrics or even forgot what song they were supposed to sing. Practice is not something that should be overlooked. Develop a routine and structure your singing practice in a manageable way by warm up your breathing and your voice, as well as to sing through your song and build up your confidence before you step onto the stage to compete. This is very important to ensure that you can hit all the notes you need to and acquire consistency throughout the song. Making sure to keep yourself loose before the camera turns on, helps you relax and use the natural cadences in your speaking voice to keep you grounded as you move into your vocal performance.

Make yourself the best version of you that you can be, clean and pressed clothes, clean shoes, and a high level of attention to personal grooming. Now is the time to shine and show off your vocal skills.

One interesting thing is that their video submission guidelines are straightforward, leaving you room for creative freedom. With that freedom afforded to you, you should create a performance video. Treat the audience as judges and take them on your journey and help them feel the emotion you’re conveying through the lyrics of your song.