People like to go out and party at karaoke bars while drinking and binging on food.

Most of the time, it’s already very expensive especially if you and your friends have the habit of doing this every weekend. When you rent a karaoke room while ordering a bunch of food and many drinks, it can take a lot of toll in your wallet. So what’s the next best thing to do? Instead of going to karaoke bars, just organize a party in the comfort of your own home and order drinks and food instead without going way out of your budget. This is another way of having a more intimate relationship with your best friends and loved ones. And it’s highly recommended too. All you need is to buy a karaoke machine which may or may not be expensive. But the best karaoke in today’s generation is called Popsical. It has so many features that you will truly love and you won’t regret buying it too.

Popsical is the newest and most updated karaoke machine today and TechSlack even said that it’s a “Karaoke at a Whole New Level”. It’s really true and it has a lot of great attributes that you don’t want to miss out on. For example, it has a wireless karaoke microphone which means you don’t have to worry about untangling the cords which are most of the time annoying when you’re cleaning up. It’s also a smartphone karaoke because you can connect to unlimited devices, it’s like the Spotify of karaoke. It has this system which updates its library so the new and hottest songs that you want to sing are already available. It costs S$ 499.00 but it’s already the kind of karaoke machine which will definitely last a lifetime. You can even use a wireless headset microphone for singing which is super applicable when you are alone and want to enjoy and have some karaoke time by yourself. There are a lot of best headphones for karaoke in the market today but make sure to find one that suits your and Popsical style. Like Spotify, it also has a monthly subscription of $10.99 only for a month. But before that, you get a 30-day free trial first so you can test out your new karaoke machine. Aside from this great deal, you can easily connect this to unlimited devices due to Bluetooth microphone for singing. This really seals the deal, if I were you

For a lot of Popsical users, this is already the best Bluetooth karaoke microphone machine because it already has 2 wireless microphones which only weighs about 1KG each so you can dance to the tune of your favourite song and have fun even when you’re staying at home during the weekend. For us, this portable karaoke machine is already the best of the best and so far, no one has ever complained about its quality or the price because you get what you have paid for which is high-quality especially with Popsical.