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The Karaoke Machine that Fits in Your Palm

Going to a party, may it be at a bar or at a friend’s place, there’s always one thing that is consistent, a karaoke machine.

Karaoke machines have always been at parties as long as people can remember. These sing-along machines seem to add more fun and give life to parties. You and your friends gather ‘round the karaoke machine, pick songs, sing along while drinking and being merry. There’s only one problem you might encounter though, you actually have to physically go to these places to experience these karaoke machines, which might be a bit of a snag, especially if your schedule doesn’t permit it. Luckily for you, the future is now here. Gone are the days where you have to go to bars, clubs, or even disturb your friend just so you can use his or her karaoke machine.

The future of karaoke machines is here. Presenting the Popsical Remix, the technological innovation that will change the way you look at karaoke machines, forever. This little handy device has been dubbed as “Karaoke at a whole new Level” by TechSlack, one of the most reliable sources for new technological developments and products. Popsical Remix is very different from its predecessors. For one, it only weighs around 1 kilogram, which is really light and handy compared to its big brothers. Not only that, this little baby comes with two wireless karaoke microphones so that you can have those duets and also share the fun in singing along to your favourite tunes.  Speaking of your favourite music to sing along to, Popsical has an unbelievable song library which consists of over 200,000 songs! It has been dubbed as the “Spotify for karaoke” by e27. “So how do I look for the songs I would like to sing to?”, you might wonder. Don’t worry since the developers already thought about that before placing a ton of songs. They put in a special track request feature into the device to make your life a lot easier.

As Popsical Remix is quite handy, you can bring it anywhere you want. Going to a friend’s house? Bring Popsical with you! Popsical Remix isn’t really that choosy when it comes to sound systems, just make sure that the system you’re plugging into has an AUX connection and that’s it, plug, play and sing! What makes this little device easier to handle is that you don’t even have to stand up to choose your songs. Choosing songs is as easy as downloading the Popsical app on your mobile phone, making it into the karaoke machine’s remote! The app is available for both iOS and Android users alike, so whatever your phone is, you can control your Popsical within the tap of your fingers. Aside from picking out your favorite song of the week, you can also change the vocal settings to your liking, change pitch, add reverb, and even add sound-effects! Popsical Remix definitely sets the bar really high for portable karaoke machines and for only $ 499.00, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth for all the features it has. So, what are you waiting for? The party is in your hands.