The Top Chart Comeback Kings – Popsical

The Top Chart Comeback Kings

When singing karaoke, one would usually go straight to playing top hits. 

Let's put the spotlight on this week's top artist, The Jonas Brothers. These boys have been around since 2005 and have reached number one in the charts several times. With their breakthrough single Mandy, they had no problem reaching the top. Hit song after hit song followed. Teenage girls from all over the world were fawning over them. They released four albums successfully before they took a break from the spotlight. They have then faded into the background of the music industry as a group. This year, they made a resurgence and released their fifth studio album titled Happiness Begins. It was released on June 7, 2019.

The boys have been in a slump after their fourth album Lines, Vines and Trying Times. They then took a hiatus in 2011 and decided to focus on their separate careers. Joe Jonas released his solo debut album, Fastlife. Nick Jonas went on tour with his band, Nick Jonas and the Administration. And lastly, Kevin went on to study music production. Their solo careers were successful but it didn't take off like the first time they came out. Jonas Brothers die-hard fans were definitely missing the band. Thankfully for all the Jonas Brothers fans out there though, the boys decided to get back together. The new album featured their new and improved sound. You can tell that the boys unquestionably matured over the years. The time they spent on their own allowed them to learn new things and mature. It reflects in their new album. The new album mostly contains feel-good tracks.

This new album revived their music career as artists and have skyrocketed their names into the Billboard Charts yet again. Their comeback singles Sucker and Cool shot them into the Billboard 200 in no time. They also reached the top 100 in record time and is at the moment the number one artist on Billboard top 100. You might be wondering if these new releases are on Popsical. Of course, these songs are available for you to sing on Popsical. Popsical Remix's song list is cloud-based and is updated regularly. Their library has over 200,000 songs and counting! All the new and top songs are available for you to sing. You don't need to worry if Jonas Brothers' songs are there. Another cool thing about Popsical is that the device is portable. You can bring it to your friend's house and have a Jonas Brothers karaoke party! The wireless Bluetooth microphones make Popsical more convenient. Not to mention that the device comes with two wireless microphones. You know what that means. Duet time with your friends!