Singapore #PopsicalTopHits

Singapore #PopsicalTopHits

Find out the latest Popsical Top Hits in Singapore

Have you ever felt like there’s a dark cloud hanging over your shoulder because you think that everything seems off and just boring?

We all have those days and let me tell you that one thing that always lightens a mood is by singing. Yes, it’s normal for people to sing their favourite songs all the time and on loop, but singing your heart out with Popsical makes it a different experience. Some of the hits that you should sing to are the following and I swear these songs will bring you to a happy place:

演員 (Actor) by Joker Xue

Actor Singapore Popsical Top hits
The singer Joker Xue is a popular singer and songwriter from China who has a very unique signature musical style which is known as Xue’s Ballads and 演員 (Actor) is the most well-received among his ballads. No wonder why people love singing this song!

學貓叫 (Say Meow Meow) by Pan Wenfeng

Meow Meow Actor Singapore Popsical Top hits
Pan Wenfeng, also known as Xiao Pan Pan (her counterpart), rose to stardom because of 學貓叫 (Say Meow Meow) and this kind of song is for everyone who loves everything cute! It’s currently a very popular Mandopop and a novelty in China. Another fun fact is that Xiao means “little” in Chinese.

Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Perfect by Ed Sheeran Singapore Popsical Top Hits
Ed Sheeran is a very popular international artist in today’s generation and all of his songs have been heard by millions or billions around the globe. It’s near impossible for you to not hear one of his most notable songs like “Perfect”, which was written for his fiance Cherry Seaborn. He also needed to get her stamp of approval before adding it to his album “÷”.

告白气球 (Love Confession) by Jay Chou

Singapore Popsical Top Hits
Another one for the books is a song by Jay Chou who is a Taiwanese musician. This song has been covered by many popular artists and also Youtubers because it’s just a brilliant song which is written by a very brilliant musician too.

Baby Shark by PinkFong

Singapore Popsical Top Hits
This song will always be in my head and it’s very popular with the kids! The dance move is very cute especially when my nieces and nephews dance it whenever this is on the radio or the TV. Baby Shark is truly the song you wanna sing during a karaoke sesh with your family!

說散就散 (Shuo San Jiu San) by JC

Singapore Popsical Top Hits
Jennifer Chan is from Hong Kong and this is one of her singles which is pretty outstanding knowing that she’s 20 years young and already have established herself in the music scene. Even if this song is giving that sad love song vibe, this will really be enjoyed by those who have gone through a lot in their lives especially when it comes to their love lives.

倒数 (Reciprocal) by G.E.M

Singapore Popsical Top Hits
G.E.M is one of the most sought out artists in Hong Kong and in Greater China. In 2016, she became the only Asian to have been a part of Forbes 30 Under 30. She also won many awards like Nickelodeon's Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite Asian Act. She’s not only a talented singer but also an actress too. So you wouldn’t really wanna miss out on this beautiful song which only came out last year, 2018.