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Frozen 2 Soundtrack Review

 Frozen 2 has made a big box office splash over the Thanksgiving holiday.

It had its world premiere at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on November 7, 2019, and was released in the United States by Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture on November 22, 2019, which received mostly positive reviews from critics, who praised its animation, visuals, writing, music and vocal performances. It features the return of directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, producer Peter Del Vecho. The record-breaking blockbuster grossed $764 million worldwide has the highest all-time worldwide opening for an animated film, and is the third highest-grossing animated film of 2019 and the eighth overall.

The soundtrack was released on November 15, 2019, while the film was released on November 22. It features seven new songs again composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. From Frozen's "Let It Go" is certainly one of the most popular songs to release this decade, and "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" that totalled a sales of the digital track stands at 1,600,000 downloads, placing it second on the list of all-time best-selling Christmas/Holiday song, the soundtrack has to which many of the new runaway hits are being compared claims a sensational collection of songs ranging from power anthems to soaring ballads, and many are sure to become karaoke classics.

Here's top 5 original song that a couple of Frozen franchise songs stand a little higher than the rest heard from Frozen 2:      

"Show Yourself" - Idina Menzel & Evan Rachel Wood

Sung by their mother Queen Iduna, voiced by Evan Rachel Wood, this song is flashbacks to what she had told Elsa earlier about the river. And on others, she is backing up Elsa in admonishing the river to ‘show itself’. 

Elsa interacting with an entity known as the River Full of Memory, it begins with Anna helping Olaf come to terms with life's changes and then transitions to Kristoff and Elsa as each sings a refrain establishing where the sequel finds them. The River Full of Memory holds the answers to many mysteries concerning Elsa’s past. Or put differently, Elsa has trekked to finally reach this destination for the specific goal of receiving answers to her most pressing questions. And now that she has arrived, she is demanding that this magical force indeed manifests itself and fulfil the task which her mother said it would. The song ends with the entire town joining in as they celebrate how far they've come and looked towards the future of Arendelle.

"The Next Right Thing" - Kristin Bell

This song is sung by Anna, after the assumes deaths of Elsa and Olaf, and believing Kristoff has abandoned her, a tearful Anna struggles to go forward. It is a shockingly dark number for Frozen 2 that again pulls more from the Broadway tradition than typical Disney fare. with Anna consumed grief, her determination to see things through eventually enables her to rise above it, she decides to do “the next right thing”. Or another way of looking at it is that she’s going take her recovery step-by-step and each step requires her to simply do what she deems to be “the next right thing”, regardless of how minuscule or insignificant the act may seem.

"Into the Unknown" - Idina Menzel feat. Aurora

A duet between Idina Menzel's Queen Elsa and a siren call voiced by the Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora. Aurora, Norwegian artist is responsible for the ethereal siren call that appears throughout the film, beckoning Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) to return to her home.

The big ballad number is set three years after Elsa's coronation when she hears a strange sound coming from the north. At first, Elsa tries to ignore the voice, but once she recognizes it is calling her, she feels compelled to follow the sound. The rest of the movie tells the story of Elsa's journey "into the unknown."

"All Is Found" - Evan Rachel Wood 

A folksong lullaby that Queen Iduna, voiced by Evan Rachel Wood, sings to young Anna and young Elsa in a flashback sequence at the start of Frozen 2. This song tells the girls of a magical land that lies to the north of Arendelle that holds the secret to the balance of the air, water, earth, and fire spirits. the song concludes with the singer insinuating to the addressees, her daughters Elsa and Anna, that they must venture to this river sometime in the future. For only by doing so will ‘all be found’, as in the questions concerning their actual histories being answered.


"When I Am Older" - Josh Gad

Sung by the cutest character on the movie, Olaf (Josh Gad) in Frozen 2. The song is about Olaf’s anxiety and how scared he is of the unknown things that lie in the Enchanted Forest, he will realize that they weren’t so scary once he’s older. At the beginning of the song he randomly said the name “Samantha.” Now older and wiser, he no longer is obsessed with heat but fixated on aging and wisdom. He tried to calm himself by musing about what it would be like to be more mature, unafraid.


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