Aladdin Sound Track Review – Popsical

Aladdin Sound Track Review

Have you guys heard the new Aladdin OST? 

Here's what we think.

They say, music is what makes the world go round and nobody could ever live a meaningful life without music, whatever the genre may be. It will always make us happy or sad depending on which heartstrings are being plucked. 

Let us talk about the amazing soundtrack of the new movie, Aladdin. This Disney movie has made it's way to every home all over the world since the 90s. It definitely gave us a trip down memory lane, or shall I say 'a magic carpet ride'?

All of the songs were performed by new artists and it’s amazing because even though they changed a few melodies, the nostalgia is still there. It brings back childhood memories when everything was simple and easy.

Believe it or not, even if a lot of people had second thoughts with Will Smith portraying Genie, it turned out to be a successful casting as he sang and really gave his all in order to give that special “oomph” that made his character more remarkable. The biggest hit about the movie is its soundtrack, featuring the popular song “A Whole New World” performed by Zayn Malik and Zhavia Ward who gave it a nice modern twist.

All in all, it has given the Aladdin Sound Track the fame it deserves and there’s no doubt that everybody is singing this on their karaoke systems like Popsical. The songs are now available in your Popsical app, so what are you waiting for? Gather your crew for a night of Karaoke and have a Disney Karaoke party this weekend! Who wouldn't love to sing along to Disney songs?

I bet a lot of you now are singing the Aladdin Sound Track nonstop after watching the movie. Trust me, you are not alone singing at the top of your lungs while driving. It’s like going back to being a child with no worries and problems to face.

It was hard to listen and not get sentimental. Thanks to the movie we get to relive our childhood all over again. If you haven’t watched it yet or you haven't heard the awesome Sound Track, have a go and check them out on the nearest cinemas!