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8 Relatable things for “Singers” who can't sing

Anyone could sing, technically. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean that you can do it well.

A lot of us love to sing. Sadly, not all of us have the talent or voice. Most of us aren't born singers. We make do with what we have. Although our singing voice might be a bit inadequate for the big stage, there’s no stopping us when we sing. But of course, most of us won't admit to ourselves that our singing voice can wake up the dead.

With that said, here are a few things that "singers" can relate to:

When the shower is your only stage

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Sadly, for most of us who don't have the voice, that'll be the only place we can hold a concert. There's just something about singing in a bathroom that makes our voice sound 100x better than it really is. The acoustics in the bathroom make it feel like we're inside a concert hall.

When you think you sing well until you hear a recording of yourself singing

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We would all like to think that our voices are a gift to humanity, that is until we hear a record of ourselves singing. That'll be the time we realize that our actual singing is very different from what we imagine. 

When you secretly hate those that can actually sing

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You secretly hate people that constantly say that "I can't sing very well" phrase, and then they blow your mind with their voice. 

When someone praises your singing but you know they are just being polite.

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You'll know when someone is telling you something just to make you feel better. When your friends tell you that you nailed that song, but know for a fact that you didn't, be happy. You have very supportive friends! 

When you are the harshest and most critical judge despite being tone-deaf.

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While singing might be your hobby, it's not your day job. But of course, you might like to think otherwise. During your free time when you aren't waking up your neighbors, you watch singing audition shows. Try as you might, you can't help but judge those who auditioned. It's also a bit of a relief seeing someone who sings just as bad as you, ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.

When someone says they can’t sing but they still sound good, you know you are alone.

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It's a hard life, my friend. We all aren't gifted with the talent of singing. Those who still deny they can't sing but really can, are just trying to humble-brag. Although you might feel that you're alone, you're not. There are a lot of aspiring singers out there that can't hold a tune.

When you gave your all but people ask you to “sing properly”.

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Sometimes we give our best, but it isn't enough. That's just how it is. Some people are born with it and some without. Don't let that discourage you. You'll get there.

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