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5 Movies With Amazing Soundtracks to Sing With Your Kids

Get your kids to sing with these 5 Amazing Movie Soundtrack

Every kid has a specific taste in music but Disney movies are always a favourite when it comes to children. Each movie soundtrack can easily capture a kids ear, paired with amazing storytelling and visuals. This is also one of the main reasons why parents should bring their children to the movies. It is the best way for your kids to be exposed to musicals to explore their creative side. Plus, they also get to learn a lot of valuable lessons from these films to mold their character at a young age. 

We give you five movies that not only your kids will enjoy, but will get you entertained as well. As a parent, you will find yourself getting more involved with these types of movie and music genre as compared to your own liking. Watching these movies and singing along to their soundtracks is the perfect way to bond with your children. 



Elsa and Anna are the perfect examples of sisters. They truly love one another despite the challenges that they face and their differences. Their song Let It Go is a favourite among the viewers. Your children will learn how to love unconditionally and will also learn how to sing because of this amazing film.


Moana movie song soundtrack for kids
Kids of all ages love Moana because of the wonderful cinematography and the empowering storyline. The song How Far I'll Go is a representation of how strong Moana is. The movie itself is very engaging. You and your kids will enjoy watching this over and over again.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid movie soundtrack on Popsical
We know you can't wait for the upcoming live-adaptation of The Little Mermaid. But the cartoon itself is beautiful and has an amazing soundtrack. Some of these songs are Under the Sea, Part of Your World, and Kiss the Girl. The movie will captivate your children and will make them believe in a happy ending.

The Lion King

The Lion King movie soundtrack karaoke
Can You Feel the Love Tonight is an iconic song. Even though it can be a bit mature, your kids will learn how to love completely. Another song which is fun is Hakuna Matata. This song is a classic that even adults keep on singing or humming it.


Aladdin Movie Soundtrack easy to sing with kids
This movie is a crowd favourite. The live-adaptation did it justice and everyone was more than happy to have seen it. Even if the kids who watched the cartoon version are now adults, nobody could stop them from singing to A Whole New World. This is the best movie to introduce to your children. It has a lot of valuable lessons that your kids can learn from.

Even if most of these movies have been reprised to live-actions, the songs are meaningful and can instil knowledge that your kids will bring up until they grow into adults. Movies are a great form of teaching your children in a fun way. We adore the movies listed above. We hope your kids will do, too.

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