Popsical Remix

0% Installments at $166.33 for 3 Months when you pay with HOOLAH

Popsical Remix has simplified old school home karaoke system to give you the fullest karaoke experience, in the convenience of your own home! With over 200,000 songs in 14 languages and fun vocal effects, your karaoke sessions will always be on point - just like your vocals (we have a pitch corrector). Say yes to:

  • Taking your karaoke party wherever you go! (Popsical Remix set comprises of: 1 palm sized karaoke streaming device, with 2 wireless microphones all at a feather-light weight of less than 1kg!)
  • A cloud-based library with over 200,000 original and cover music videos in 14 languages to sing to!
  • What's more - it comes with a special pitch correction feature that will make anybody sing like a Pro!
  • Self-updating library of songs means access to not just the latest radio hits, but the old classics everyone of your kakis is guaranteed to enjoy!

An External Speaker is required with AUX or RCA input.

AUX and HDMI cables are not included.

Get 0% installments for 3 months when you pay with HOOLAH.

For Residential Home use only

What is Popsical?

One karaoke streaming device. Two microphones. Unlimited singing.

Popsical App

Download our app now to check out our massive song library.

What you will get

Popsical Remix


Wireless Microphone x 2


Remote Control


Power Adapters


Usb C Cable


Popsical Ambassador


Got questions? We're here to help. If you're still having problems, click here for our support page.

Both the basic and premium accounts have full access to Popsical's Karaoke library. The tiers are differentiated by the amount of time you can play the Karaoke songs. The Basic account is limited to 15 minutes of song play time a day. The 24-hour pass gives you 24 hour access from the time of subscription. The Monthly Premium Subscription gives you unlimited access to song play time.

Your friends and family with Basic Accounts, can still get access to all our Premium Content, as long as the Popsical they are connected to is logged into a Premium Account. More love for all!

First, check if the Popsical device connected to your TV is logged into a Premium Account. If it isn't, log out of the Basic Account and log into a Premium Account on your Popsical Device. If yes, check that your Wi-Fi network is working so that your account status is linked to your Popsical Device automatically.

Login to your account from this page and click on the 'Payment portal', then click on the 'cancel this subscription link' at the bottom of the page. Your account will still remain Premium for the duration that you have already paid for. It will revert to a Basic Account after the duration has ended. You will not be refunded after unsubscribing.