Popsical Remix

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Versatile connectivity with any sound system equipped with AUX connection.

For Residential Home use only

Popsical Remix

Introducing Popsical Remix

The most advanced karaoke streaming device in the industry. Lighter than 1kg makes it portable and easy to bring to all of your parties. Karaoke is never closer- just one HDMI* away.

*AUX Cable is required on your sound systems.

Two microphones are synced to the inbuilt microphone receiver


Inbuilt Microphone Receiver

Inbuilt microphone receiver offers versatility in your choice of sound output so you don’t have to spend money on a hefty microphone set. With two wireless microphones, there’s no reason to be singing alone! (Unless you want to, we don’t judge.)

Custom Design

Our microphone is styled by our very own designers to give you the look and feel of a rockstar. Experience the uniquely contoured body that is designed to give you a grip on your singing (and may be your life). The mic is both stylish and comfortable to hold so you will never want to let go of that microphone ever again!

Versatility of The System

Grab your HDMI cable* and connect Popsical Remix to your home entertainment system. Thanks to our inbuilt mixer and receiver, Popsical Remix is ready to party with any sound system you have!

We REALLY don’t discriminate- everyone is invited to party with Popsical!

*AUX Cable is required on your sound systems.

Popsical App

Download our app now to check out our massive song library.


Already have a sound system? All you need is a Popsical to complete the ride.

What will you get

Popsical Remix is all you need to get the entire karaoke experience immediately

Popsical Remix


Wireless Microphone x 2


Remote Control


Power Adapters


Usb C Cable


Product Information

Enjoy the ultimate karaoke experience at the comfort of your own home with Popsical. Never worry about not having the latest songs again. Popsical's automatically updated karaoke library takescare of that for you. Enhance your experience with the Popsical App that is free to download for iOSand Android.

What you need :

- High-Definition TV with HDMI

- HDMI cable (sold separately)

- Speaker or Sound system equipped with AUX connection

- AUX cable (sold separately)

- Wired or wireless network

Technical support and warranty

Popsical is covered with a complimentary 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase as shown on your purchase receipt. Please note that cables do not come with warranty. 


Got questions? We're here to help. If you're still having problems, click here for our support page.

Both the basic and premium accounts have full access to Popsical's Karaoke library. The tiers are differentiated by the amount of time you can play the Karaoke songs. The Basic account is limited to 15 minutes of song play time a day. The 24-hour pass gives you 24 hour access from the time of subscription. The Monthly Premium Subscription gives you unlimited access to song play time.

Your friends and family with Basic Accounts, can still get access to all our Premium Content, as long as the Popsical they are connected to is logged into a Premium Account. More love for all!

First, check if the Popsical device connected to your TV is logged into a Premium Account. If it isn't, log out of the Basic Account and log into a Premium Account on your Popsical Device. If yes, check that your Wi-Fi network is working so that your account status is linked to your Popsical Device automatically.

Login to your account from this page and click on the 'Payment portal', then click on the 'cancel this subscription link' at the bottom of the page. Your account will still remain Premium for the duration that you have already paid for. It will revert to a Basic Account after the duration has ended. You will not be refunded after unsubscribing.