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No Ads

Tired of seeing ads? Sign up for Popsical Premium and the ads will disappear!

Popsical Karaoke Premium More Play Time

More Play Time

Our daily free 15 min is not enough? you get more time being a premium user!

Popsical Karaoke Premium No Commitments

No Commitments

Pay per day with our 24 hour plan, or cancel your monthly plan anytime.

Which plan is for me?

You deserve a Premium Plan that suits your requirements.

24 Hour Pass


Friends coming over for a karaoke party tonight? Get unlimited singing time for just 24 hours with our 24 hour plan. Party whenever you want! No commitments, just fun!

Monthly Subscription


For the hardcore karaoke rockstar who wants to karaoke all-day, everyday, our affordable monthly subscription is perfect for you to rock-out! The first month is free!

How to go Premium

Premium Content is available on any Popsical device that's logged into a Premium Account.

Go Premium

First, use your account to subscribe to our 24 Hour Pass or the Monthly Subscription.

Link Popsical

Login to your Premium Account on your Popsical Device to enjoy unlimited singing time.

Everyone Can Enjoy!

Friends can come over and enjoy Premium Content, even if they only have a Basic Account.

Get 24 hour access for S$3.99

or subscribe monthly for S$9.99, with 1 month free.

Basic user will get 15 minutes of play time per day and Premium User will get more time depending on the plan chosen.

Go Premium Now


Got questions? We're here to help. If you're still having problems, click here for our support page.

What's the difference between a Basic plan, the 24-hour pass and the Monthly Premium Subscription?

Both the basic and premium accounts have full access to Popsical's Karaoke library. The tiers are differentiated by the amount of time you can play the Karaoke songs. The Basic account is limited to 15 minutes of song play time a day. The 24-hour pass gives you 24 hour access from the time of subscription. The Monthly Premium Subscription gives you unlimited access to song play time.

I have multiple users using the Popsical. Do all of them have to subscribe to access the Premium content?

Your friends and family with Basic Accounts, can still get access to all our Premium Content, as long as the Popsical they are connected to is logged into a Premium Account. More love for all!

Help! My Popsical device is still limited to 15 minutes after I subscribed to Premium.

First, check if the Popsical device connected to your TV is logged into a Premium Account. If it isn't, log out of the Basic Account and log into a Premium Account on your Popsical Device. If yes, check that your Wi-Fi network is working so that your account status is linked to your Popsical Device automatically.

How do I unsubscribe? What happens when I unsubscribe?

Login to your account from this page and click on the 'Payment portal', then click on the 'cancel this subscription link' at the bottom of the page. Your account will still remain Premium for the duration that you have already paid for. It will revert to a Basic Account after the duration has ended. You will not be refunded after unsubscribing.

Popsical Hotline: +65 6206 0929 
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