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I have been active on multiple accounts unknowingly and have been charged twice, What do I do and can I get a refund?

If you are active on more than 1 account because you have signed up on separate accounts unknowingly; kindly do the following:


Reach out to our customer service team at or our facebook messenger within 30 days of the charge deducted. Kindly ensure the service is not used from that particular account for which the request for a refund has been made, only then can a full refund be initiated. If the above-mentioned criteria are not met the refund shall not be processed.

What is Premium? What is the difference between the different tiers?

The 24-hour pass gives you 24 hours of play time from the time of subscription.


The Monthly Premium Subscription gives you unlimited access to song play time.


Our content is licensed from RIMSS (Recording Industry Music Services) and COMPASS (The Composer and Authors Society of Singapore). These two companies represent all the content produced by the record companies and artists. Popsical's premium plans goes towards supporting the artists that produced these content. For more information on Premium or to subscribe, go to

How to go Premium?

Step 1

Go to and press the "Subscribe" button.


Step 2

Login or create a new account.


Step 3

Choose the plan that suits you (monthly recurring or 24hour pass) and click the "Subscribe" button.


Step 4

Enter your billing details and credit/debit card details.


Step 5

Enjoy unlimited play time!



Make sure the Popsical TV is activated with a premium account that you just created in order to enjoy the unlimited play time.


The app doesn't need to be logged in with a premium account. As long as it is paired to a Popsical TV that is logged in with a premium account you can enjoy unlimited play time.

I've been offered a Promo Code for free Premium subscription. How do I activate it?

Step 1

Sign in/Sign up here


Step 2

Make sure you have verified you account to be eligible to redeem the code


Step 3

Select the "Redeem" on the side menu


Step 4

Follow the instruction and enjoy the promotion 

Important Notes:

  1. An example of 3 months free premium subscription. If you activate it on 1st January, your promotion will last until 30th March. By 1st April, your subscription will be auto-renewed and your credit/debit card will be charged.
  2. To find out how to prevent auto-renewal of your subscription plan, click HERE.
  3. Please make sure that your Popsical is logged in with a premium account in order to enjoy unlimited play time.
  4. The mobile app doesn't need to be logged in with a premium account as it is functioning as a remote. 

Still have a question? Drop us a note at: or message us on our Facebook page (Monday to Friday, 10am – 6pm UTC+8)

I have multiple users using the Popsical. Do all of them have to subscribed to Premium to enjoy unlimited play time?

Nope, as long as the Popsical device is activated/logged in using a Premium account, other users can still pair their mobile devices and still enjoy unlimited play time regardless their account on mobile device.

How to cancel premium?

Important: You will not be refunded after canceling


Step 1

Login to your account on this page.


Step 2

Tap menu and click on "Subscription"


Step 3

Click on "Cancel Premium" and click "Yes, Cancel" to proceed

Important: Upon cancellation, your account will still remain Premium for the duration that you have already paid for. It will revert to a Basic Account after the duration has ended.