Video Production


Part Time

Job Description

Candidates are able to work freely from home with a minimum commitment of around 16 hours per week.

- Enjoy the benefit of working from home

- Ideal for students looking for an extra income


- Production of high quality karaoke videos

- Video editing and basic sound engineering work

- Ability to meet deadlines while working on projects.


- Competent video production skills

- Good sense of music knowledge across various languages

- Owns a Windows computer

- Minimum of 16 hours of work commitment per week

How To Apply

Simply send your resume to:
[email protected]
Posted on

May 28, 2018


About Popsical:

Popsical is introducing the next generation of Karaoke - a cloud-based system that has all the features of a traditional Karaoke set and much more. Traditional Karaoke systems are bulky, expensive, and limit your song choices to the CDs available or songs stored locally.

Popsical is no bigger than a palm, and all you need is an internet connection to browse through the massive and ever-growing Karaoke library consisting of songs from different languages.

Popsical Hotline: +65 6206 0929 
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