March 27, 2019

What are the best occasions to hit the karaoke machine?

Since the year has started, I couldn’t keep track of the number of times I had a Karaoke party with my family and friends. Although I couldn’t remember the exact times I did, all I know is that I really had a great time singing along to the tunes of Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls and of course Britney. Thanks to the invention of the Karaoke machine, family get together are now more fun for everyone. In my opinion, there is no better form of indoor entertainment out there that brings a family closer in the least awkward way.

There’s something about singing along to karaoke that can lighten any mood and raise the fun meter a notch higher.

Singing in front of your family or friends can be frightening at first, especially if you’re the shy type, but stage fright happens to everyone whether you’re a bad singer or a good one. Once the karaoke system starts playing your songs, get a firm grip onto the microphone and just let go and have fun. It really doesn’t matter if you hit all the chords right as long as you enjoy every bit of it. You will see people cheering for you and singing along with you as you go. It can be a birthday celebration, a mini-reunion, or just a random spontaneous night with friends.

It gets even better when all your favorite songs are available on the song library of the karaoke machine.

A karaoke system with an updated song library is a must for every millennial out there. Although the Air Supply classics are always a hit, it shouldn’t be a surprise if somebody will look for Arianna Grande’s “Thank You, Next” on the song list.



For every occasion, there is always a demand for a karaoke session. Not all karaoke festivities are cheerful celebrations though; some people love to sing sad songs after a recent heartbreak. It could be a bad break up that listening to sad songs won’t be enough. You can always count on our best gal pal Taylor Swift to help you heal your broken heart.


After all, whether you are celebrating your best friend’s birthday or trying to comfort her out of her misery, there’s always a good excuse to hit the nearest Karaoke place and just belt it all out. There doesn’t have to be an occasion for you to feel good and enjoy a good karaoke session, just go do it! It’s way cheaper than a therapy session.

By: Margot Erencio

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