August 05, 2019

As Hari Raya draws closer and closer, it's time we start thinking about what we can do to spice up (pun intended) our get-togethers and try something different!

Beverages are a party's essential and you can surprise your guests with these easy-to-make, halal, lime-based mocktail drinks. Spoil them with these fancy and refreshing drinks especially as the weather gets hotter.

Fruit Punch Iced Tea

Image Credit: Jennifer Pallian

You'll be surprised how easy it is to make this tropical masterpiece. All you need is lime juice, steeped tea and oranges. Steep the tea and mix in the lime juice. Add in a few orange slices for garnish and voila! You're ready to serve your fruit punch. Don't forget the ice!

Ginger Lime Fizz

Image Credit:

This drink is also very easy to do. All you need is the three main ingredients and ice, of course. You'll need ginger ale, lime juice and sparkling water. Mix these three ingredients to your desired taste and you're ready to serve! 

Lime-ade with Pandan

Image Credit:

This recipe is truly fit for Hari Raya. The Pandan in the drink brings out the essence of the locality. Pandan is a common ingredient in local delicacies. All you have to do is boil Pandan, water, and sugar. You then add the lime juice or seasoning. It's that easy!

Lime and Longan

Image Credit: Anncoo Journal

Boil a few lemongrass stalks and add lime juice, then top it off with longan. The longan adds just the right amount of sweetness into your lemongrass and lime concoction. Don't forget to serve it with ice. You might want to make extras since it can be a crowds' favorite.

Mint and Lime Iced Tea

Image Credit: Mae Mu

All you need to do is to blend sugar, water, lime juice , and crushed mint leaves. Mint leaves can turn any normal drink into a cool and refreshing one. You then add the concoction to an already pre-steeped tea. Add a few mint leaves for garnish to top it off.

Lime and Lemongrass

Image Credit: The Wanderlust Kitchen

This recipe can be as simple as it gets. All you need is sugar, water, lemongrass and lime juice. You can adjust the ratio of each ingredient depending on your taste. Add the lime juice after boiling the other ingredients. Add ice, and you're ready to serve. These drinks are a perfect refresher after that hearty Hari Raya lunch or dinner. 


These refreshing DIY drinks can be made for all sorts of occasion to add life to the party. But to host a perfect party, don't forget an essential ingredient, the Popsical Remix! We provide the home karaoke experience that can bring people together and liven up any party! What are you waiting for, grab yours now!


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