November 06, 2019

'You can be happy'- this isn't just a lyric to one of my favourite songs to sing in the karaoke.

You should know that your happiness matters. Sometimes we tend to put the needs of others ahead of our own and come up with excuses and neglect doing things that would make us happy. The truth is, you are not too busy to make yourself happy. It is possible to look after your own needs and still care for your loved ones. Find simple ways to make a positive change in your life. Try singing! It’s free! 


Scientifically, regularly, we use 85% of the left side of our brain to deal with our cognitive and motor skills as we go with our usual daily routine. This leaves little room for the right side of our brain to deal with our emotions, creativity and fantasies. That’s why we need to make an effort to recharge the right side of our brain to keep it from draining.


Do you know what types of activities can recharge the right side of the brain aside from meditation exercises? Yes- it's singing! It is a proven effective way to give us a natural boost of happiness coming from the right side of our brain. 


Get started with singing! 


We love singing. Although we may not be the best singers, there are ways to improve our singing skills. Constant practice and maybe with the help of a voice enhancement tool made possible by technology - yes this happens to be a cool feature of Popsical smart karaoke device. Singing isn’t about being the best unless you dream of becoming a rockstar, it’s more of self-expression and enjoying the gift of our voices with others. Just like many things, singing is better when shared with other people. Group singing creates a sense of belongingness and forms a great bond among friends and family.  


Make group-singing a habit 

You don’t have to be in a band for you to sing often. You can gather your friends to sing karaoke once a week and enjoy singing and dancing together. Singing Karaoke doesn’t require a happy occasion for you to go out and celebrate. More and more people sing karaoke on the weekends just because it’s a fun thing to do. It rewires the right side of the brain! It secretes happy juices like oxytocin and helps with depression. Some would say that singing karaoke is their secret to maintain a happy life!It’s always good to treat yourself to something you enjoy every once in a while.


If your family loves to sing karaoke, might as well have your karaoke system at home. Now everyone can get to enjoy singing karaoke without the need to go out of your house. Gather your mom and dad, plus your grandma and grandpa for a fun karaoke night. Spending quality time with your family plus singing karaoke is a win-win package that you should make a habit. 


Have you found the right karaoke device for your home? Get the bang for your buck with Popsical Remix.
















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When it comes to singing, we’re limited by our voices, memory of lyrics, access to user-friendly equipment or updated content. 

Popsical has changed that by making singing truly unlimited and enjoyable with its line of award-winning products including the Popsical Remix, that won ‘Best Karaoke System of 2018/19’ in the Asia Tech Awards.

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