September 13, 2019

Have you explored the singing talents of your children?

There are many ways on how to help your children learn as they grow up. One is by teaching them how to write, speaking to them like adults, and also by explaining certain things to them. Another artistic way for children to learn is by letting them sing on karaoke. This helps in releasing the energy in their body.

If you do not believe that singing on a karaoke can help your kids, then you should read the five reasons that we listed below. This will help you realize that children are talented by nature, and it should be honed. You'll never know if they are natural-born singers or not.

Singing karaoke keeps your children's bodies strong

Singing makes your children use different parts of their body. It can help in their breathing because singing requires deep breaths. This leads to an increase in oxygen in the blood and the brain. It also strengthens the lips and tongue, which helps them communicate better. It improves their posture, releases endorphins, burns calories, and helps with sleep.

Singing karaoke is great for the minds

Singing requires the brain to perform multiple tasks at once. This leads to a great memory. It teaches your child's mind how to slow down and how to talk fast. This will make your child learn how to tackle different tasks as it challenges the brain. Another importance of singing is that it helps your children how to learn to listen.

Food for the Soul

Scientific research shows that singing and performing are good for the well-being of the children. This boosts their happiness and keeps their mind strong. It also improves their self-confidence, their ability to communicate, and their ability to show their feelings. This is also an amazing way for them to socialize as it improves their self-esteem.


Practice singing karaoke at home and save money for voice lessons

We can say that karaoke machines are a lifesaver and money saver. You can buy Popsical and it will last a lifetime. Your kids will not get bored with singing because it is the best pastime. Karaoke machines are not toys but it gives neverending entertainment to your child. Unlike toys that they can easily forget once they see new ones.

Wonderful Bonding Experience

Singing karaoke with your kids will strengthen your relationship. It is like helping them learn new techniques in life. You help them grow up and it encourages them to do better. This activity will make them look forward to seeing you every day. It is better than giving them an iPad or a phone because this releases their inner divas and it makes everyone happy.

Now that we have learned about the reasons why children should start practising their singing skills, maybe you would consider buying your kids this perfect gift. Trust me, it works. Our Popsical Remix is available online and on our stores in Singapore. 

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