May 22, 2019

The notion of having karaoke at home is starting to pick up and of course, technology follows.

 With the boom of home karaoke systems, the development for more advanced karaoke systems is ongoing. Presenting the Popsical Remix, the karaoke machine that has been dubbed as the “revolutionary all-in-one karaoke device” by Business Insider, which it truly is. This little thing retails for $499.00 and comes with two wireless microphones so you can share the fun with your friend. It has also over 200,00 songs in its cloud library which are constantly up to date which means you’ll never run out of songs to sing, whether it’s the new top hits or your favourite oldies. There are songs that are perfect for Hari Raya, such as:

Rahimah Rahim – Selamat Berhari Raya

Rahimah Rahim – Selamat Berhari Raya album cover
A familiar face in the industry, you probably might have seen her on television one way or another since she was in a lot of tv programs. But before she was into acting, she started her career as a singer and her song Selamat Berhari Raya is considered a classic, which will definitely make you sing along before you realize it.

M. Nasir – Satu Hari Di Hari Raya

M. Nasir – Satu Hari Di Hari Raya popsical cover
This one’s definitely a classic for Hari Raya. M. Nasir, the Malaysian-based Singaporean artist surely made this song to give you an earworm with its catchy tunes and easy to follow lyrics, you won’t get tired of replaying this song on Hari Raya.

Dikir Temasek – Di Pinggiran Aidilfitri

Dikir Temasek – Di Pinggiran Aidilfitri popsical cover
From one of the pioneers of Dikir Barat, a traditional Malay form of singing which originated from Malaysia and Thailand, this song from Dikir Temasek will leave you close to tears with the combination of soothing vocals and harmonious choral singing.

Sweet Charity - Seri Hari Raya

Sweet Charity - Seri Hari Raya band cover
A Hari Raya song coming from a band that has been dubbed as Singapore’s Deep Purple and Santana, Sweet Charity was part of Singapore and Malaysia’s new wave rock era from the ’70s and ’80s. The song Seri Hari Raya has a lot of catchy riffs that will definitely make you jam to it.

The Pinholes – Besok Oh Yeah

The Pinholes – Besok Oh Yeah song cover
Time to get your groove on with this gem from a band known for its grooviness. With the band’s signature retro look and sound, it wouldn’t be a problem bobbing your head to The Pinholes’ Hari Raya song, Besok Oh Yeah.

Force Vomit – Selera Raya

Force Vomit – Selera Raya band cover
So yeah, a surf-punk band with a Hari Raya song. Singapore’s very own Force Vomit released this Hari Raya single in 2002. The lyrics are very simple and straight to the point. A lot of headbanging will happen while singing this song so better keep painkillers ready for the next day.

And we’ll round out the list with a definite contrast to the last artist,

Imran Ajmain – Aidilfitri

Imran Ajmain – Aidilfitri song cover
Imran Ajmain, an R&B and Soul Artist released a Hari Raya cover album. Not straying too far from the original versions, Imran’s take on Hari Raya classics is both refreshing and nostalgic. His renditions of these timeless classics give him a lot of room for his signature sound but still keeps the song true to its roots.

There are still a lot more songs for Hari Raya that can be played on Popsical Remix, with its seemingly unending list of songs, there will surely be a playlist suitable for your taste!

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