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Owning a home karaoke machine vs. singing karaoke in bars

What are the ups and downs of singing karaoke at home & going out to karaoke bars?

Karaoke, also known as Asia's favourite breathing exercise. The activity is basically a singing performance with lyrics shown on a screen where the performer uses a microphone, and may or may not require an audience. Inexpensive karaoke machines pave the way for the world to fall in love with karaoke, making its way to popular culture. A popular culture, indeed, it is! Karaoke became an after-work distressing activity for a growing number of groups. The karaoke bar industry bloomed due to this phenomenon. However, karaoke at home is still the better option due to the following advantages:

The convenience of having your own home karaoke machine.

Entry in karaoke bars usually comes with a fee and the management usually charge your stay per hour. Sometimes, karaoke bars offer free entrance as long as you order food and drinks within a fixed minimum amount but it still costs a lot more than having to stay at home, unbothered by the time passing by and the charges associated with it. Also, the time spent in preparing to go to a karaoke bar, the actual travel needed to get there, and the efforts rendered to get accommodation makes karaoke-at-home a more convenient choice.

The business hours of karaoke bars should also be considered why karaoke at home is better. Most of us get better at singing after a few drinks at the most undesirable time of the night nearing closing hours. When the gathering held in a karaoke bar goes wilder than planned, the closing time of that karaoke bar is a huge party pooper. In addition, the risk of having no available rooms for karaoke due to lack of reservation is a probability you need to gamble with when opting to go to Karaoke Bars.

Our verdict:
Karaoke bars have certain rules which may not be favourable for everyone. This restriction may include the no smoking policy, no pets allowed in the karaoke room, and some dress codes too, among many others. Karaoke at home, however, provides you with all the freedom you need to enjoy your party. Of course, it’s your house, it’s your rules!

On the other hand, karaoke at home may sound a bit taxing because of all the preparations needed to setup karaoke, while at karaoke bars, you only need to order, sit back and relax. This, however, is already history. With the newest karaoke machine, popsical home karaoke device, within minutes and with your very own phone, you can get the party started.


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