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Our Top 8 songs from the Aladdin Soundtrack

Your Popsical staff has chosen our top 8 Aladdin favourite soundtrack.

Aladdin is the new rave nowadays especially because of the great cinematography and the story which doesn’t solely revolve around love. Also, Will Smith's performance couldn't be missed. s one of those which people will forever cherish but of course, the songs in it are catchy and they are just so fun and fulfilling at the same time. We have compiled 8 songs from the Aladdin Soundtrack which we know you will love and enjoy. Don’t worry because these songs are now available on Popsical.

A Whole New World
Now, this song has been sung by many different artists. For the 2019 Aladdin Movie, Zayn Malik is one of the artists and who wouldn’t fall in love in his voice? I think everybody swooned when he sang it and I honestly did too.

One Jump Ahead
Even though this song is not that long unlike any other typical songs nowadays, this one is really catchy and will give you the strength that you need in your everyday life. Even if the song gives us the sad vibe because “Aladdin: is a street rat and would steal or beg for food or money, he’s just trying to get by like all of us.

Friend Like Me
In this song, Genie is trying to get Aladdin to rub his lamp in order for him to be free. He promises everything to Aladdin and he would show him what could happen once he is free like all the good stuff. But you should never trust someone who promises you everything in a boastful way, even if you are a genie. But I’m glad that everything turned out perfectly well in the end and this song will always remind me that Genie is also compassionate. Which is why this song is a part of our top 8 soundtracks, it always amazes me how songs cannot always define who you are because change is inevitable.

Prince Ali
Prince Ali will always be a part of my childhood. This is the part where Aladdin pretended as a Prince in order to get Jasmine which, in my own opinion, is the perfect scam. It reminds us that every bad thing always has a good ending and in this scenario, it totally worked. This song will always remind us that even in the worst situations, we will always endure, like Aladdin.

Friend Like Me
Will Smith really is one of the best actors and singers too. You can really feel that he put a lot of effort into this music and with Popsical, we could all do too. It’s a great song to sing with family and especially with friends.

For me, this song is about being able to speak your mind. Even though it’s kind of a sad song, it still empowers women to speak their mind especially when Jasmine is having a rough time because she is being pressured. So girls and ladies, don’t be afraid to always give your opinion no matter how small they are because it will always create a huge impact. This song is one example and it’s the perfect song for those who are in love or having second thoughts.

Arabian Nights
Arabian Nights always give me the goosebumps. It will always make you feel like you’re in Agrabah and this is the most perfect song to sing especially for those who are a huge fan of Aladdin. Will Smith totally killed this song and his acting skills are top-notch.

Jafar’s Hour
Now, many of you don’t like Jafar but this song is iconic because of his voice and his intonation. It really shows how evil he is but in a joyful and fun way. So if you’re the type who’s into Jafar, it’s your time to shine with this song!

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