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Miley Cyrus Drops New Single "Mother's Daughter" for Women Empowerment

Over the years Miley has always been vocal about her stand on feminism.

She has always expressed herself through her art, music and fashion. Miley’s notable growth from being known as Hannah Montana to becoming a rebel in her youth and now a woman who is sure of herself is positively the reason why her fans are devoted to her. Her realness since day one is the undeniable strength that sets her apart from other artists in the industry.


Miley pays tribute to the female prowess in all its essence on the release of her “Mother’s Daughter” video from her latest EP, She is Coming. 

I might also add that the music video’s aesthetic has a strong resemblance to Britney’s music video “Oops I Did It Again”. This isn’t a coincidence as this is Miley’s way to pay homage to the Popstar icon. As she admitted on her Instagram post. 

On her video, Miley tackles the issue of feminism and sexism. The call for equal female opportunities and freedom from society’s standards of sexuality and beauty. Overcoming body shaming by embracing our bodies differences from one another. It could be our colour, ethnicity and any physical deformities that we try to conceal from society. There is nothing to be ashamed of in gaining a little weight after pregnancy, in getting a scar after going through a painful C-section. As perfectly depicted by Miley on her video, women should have the freedom to celebrate their bodies as they please. Thanks to artists like Miley, the vicious cycle of body shaming and criticizing women according to looks is slowly being reversed. 

More songs are expected to be released this year from Miley. We can’t wait to be shocked again by her new tunes. Miley will always be Miley, she will use her art to fight for her cause in life and in love. This girl definitely has power. 

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