August 28, 2019

Music is one of man's greatest inventions. Safe to say that karaoke is second best. 

Music spans across continents, countries, races, ethnicity, religion, and gender. Wherever in the world, there will always be music. We may have different tastes when it comes to the music we love but there is one thing in common. We all love to sing. Singing brings people together. We may not be the best singers in the world, but we still enjoy it. Thus, karaoke becomes one of the best stress reliever and social activity invented by man. 

Karaoke as a stress reliever

Karaoke is a fun activity and can be an outlet to take your mind off stress. Music can stimulate different emotions. Songs can affect our mood. Choosing the right song can change your mood. Play a song and sing your hearts out! From sad to happy in an instant.

Goodbye anxiety

Stress and anxiety usually go hand in hand. Just like how karaoke can relieve you of stress, it can also reduce your anxiety too. Your body naturally produces endorphins to counteract stress and tension. These chemicals can be induced by listening to music. 

Brain stimulation and memory improvement

Although you may not notice it, singing makes you think. The neurons in your brain become active. In turn, it produces physical, emotional and psychological brain activity. As for memory improvement, notice that you memorize the lyrics to your favourite songs? The more you listen to a song, you get more familiar with it. You unconsciously memorize it. 

Building self-confidence

We're all naturally conscious about our singing voice. We aren't born singers. Well, some of us might be. For others, we aren't so fortunate in that department. That's why some are very self-conscious about singing in public. It's like public speaking. Some people legitimately fear performing in front of an audience. Popsical and karaoke, in general, can help you overcome that fear. You can practice singing at home with Popsical. You can start off with “vocals on”, with the help of the original singer. And as you get more confident, you can turn them off and start singing solo! 

Once you get the hang of it, you can then impress all your friends. Once you hit the right note, the confidence boost you get from it can get be addictive. 

Popsical is a handy karaoke machine that fits in the palm of your hand! Practice singing all you want, anywhere and enjoy these intrinsic benefits karaoke can bring to you! So what are you waiting for? Get your very own Popsical and start living life to the fullest!

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About Popsical

When it comes to singing, we’re limited by our voices, memory of lyrics, access to user-friendly equipment or updated content. 

Popsical has changed that by making singing truly unlimited and enjoyable with its line of award-winning products including the Popsical Remix, that won ‘Best Karaoke System of 2018/19’ in the Asia Tech Awards.

Popsical stands out for its ability to simplify and elevate the traditional karaoke singing experience. It has integrated a myriad of complicated components traditionally needed for a good karaoke singing experience including the mixer, amplifier, digital-signal-processor into a single compact unit with a pair of two professional-grade wireless microphones. It also solves the issue of limited song content with its cloud-based self-updating library of over 220,000 songs in 14 languages and 8 genres. Song selection, pitch optimization, vocal and sound effects control and playlist options are also easily achieved and controlled with the Popsical Karaoke mobile app.

Say hello to complete freedom when it comes to singing, with Popsical.

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