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Karaoke Singing Challenge : 5 Songs to Put Your Singing Skills to Test

So you think you're good at Karaoke? Let's put your singing skills to the test! 

So you love to sing. You’re in the shower, and in between soapy armpits, you’re singing. Your commute to work - you hum your favourite tune. Or that weekend together, you gather and.. sing. Every time a new song that hits the perfect spot of your singer soul comes out, you google the lyrics or google for that karaoke version on youtube. Yup, guess what - you’re not alone.

If any of the above rings true, here are 5 songs to truly test the matter your singing souls are made of. Here are 5 classics you would have heard of - but which I challenge you to sing, to prove if you’re as serious a singer as you claim yourself to be! Sing them at your next karaoke session, and hashtag us #legitdiehardsinger and we’ll repost it on Popsical Karaoke!

Beat It by Michael Jackson

Even after the King of Pop died, millions of fans all over the world continue to idolize him. His voice is so powerful and charismatic at the same time. Beat It is one of his powerful songs that could test your voice because you also want to sound like Michael Jackson, right?

Don't Stop Believing by Journey

A lot of singers sang this song because of the victorious tune and wonderful lyrics. But not everybody knows that the secret also lies in the voice. You have to have the confidence and the right voice to get this song. Otherwise, you might jeopardize it. But all in all, most people got this song in their first try.

Grenade by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has a unique singing voice. Just like Michael Jackson, his voice is so powerful but can be soft if he wants to. That is why he rose to stardom in just a few years. He is an ultimate idol and his good looks and brown skin captured my heart. But, oh my god, his voice is like an angel. Whenever he sings grenade, it feels like he is singing to me personally. It is full of emotion, and it is perfect in every way. Do you know the lyrics to this one?

I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston
When it comes to high pitched voices, Whitney will always be at the top. Her round and high voice always gives its listener the chills. This song is the epitome of it. From the famed Bodyguard, I will always love you, has grown to become an evergreen classic everyone knows and loves. If you haven't heard or sang this before in the karaoke, you have been missing out!

Love On Top by Beyonce

Beyonce (aka Queen B) is not just a talented singer. She works her art to a T - and sets the benchmark when it comes to performances - her alter ego Sasha Fierce works magic when she sings, and she proves there are very few like her who can best work their craft when it comes to singing, acting and dancing. She is a goddess in millions of people's eyes. Even girls have crushes on her. Love On Top is a simple song but if you have the right voice like Beyonce, you know that you got it. Try this one - and see if you know the lyrics by heart!

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