November 17, 2019

Reasons why we love to sing Maroon 5 on karaoke.

 There’s something we have to admit. We love Maroon 5, and we can’t keep it to ourselves anymore. Why do you ask? Well, there’s a wide variety of reasons why we love this iconic pop band. They definitely know how to play the strings of our hearts, they have hit singles for every stage of a relationship. Also, how can you not fall in love with Adam Levine? His sweet voice, charismatic face and dynamite performance is an undeniable trifecta of perfection.

Now that we’ve shared with you our obsession with Maroon 5, we had to make a list of our favourite Maroon 5 songs that we love to sing in the karaoke. In random order, of course.


She Will Be Loved

 This song was released on their album Songs About Jane, it’s about a guy who’s hopelessly in love with a girl who always gets her heartbroken by other guys. She runs to him every time one of her relationships turns bad. He keeps on catching her every time she falls, he will do anything to save her. He would always be there by her side in her misery. This song quite hits hard to those guys who can relate. The hoping and hurting to see someone you love is with somebody else who doesn’t deserve the person you will give almost anything and everything to. Maybe one day that person will also realize that you can be more than just a friend. The beautiful lyrics and melody of this song make the sad truth bearable. It’s a great song to sing in karaoke even if you can’t relate to it, you just kind of sympathize with these two people just wanting to be loved. 


This Love

Ever had an on and off bad relationship? This song was one of Maroon 5’s first hit single that paved the way for their success. Adam was probably really broken-hearted during those times because this song is a revelation of bad break up. When you’ve broken up so many times, the value of your commitment weakens too. You can’t play with someone’s emotions like it’s a game for you. Similar to the story in this song, one day you will just wake up and realize it when it hits you. When things are over. Maybe that’s why This Love has been on the top Maroon 5 favourite list in every karaoke places. 


Never Gonna Leave This Bed

Many of us don’t know that this song is one of Adam’s personal favourite from his album Hands All Over. It was released in 2010 alongside Maroon 5’s hit singles Misery and Just a Feeling. According to his interview: "I was depleted and got home, picked up a guitar and started writing this song. It's my favourite on the record. It's the most honest. It reflects a desperate longing to have somebody in my life, which I didn't at the time."  

You should listen to the acoustic version of this song so you can get the same feels. If you’re looking to sing a mellow version of this Maroon 5 hit to perform in karaoke, we highly recommend this one!  


Girls Like You 


Maroon 5 made a comeback last year with the release of this song. The video has over 2 Billion views now on Youtube, the cast is loaded with so many powerful females from all walks of life strutting around this music video. You can spot big stars such as Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lopez and Gal Gadot doing a cameo on this video. On its debut, not only was “Girls Like You” an unremarkable deep cut buried on the back half of the last part of the album; its featured guest rapper, Cardi B spiced things up with her rap number. We’re pleased to include Girls Like You on Maroon 5’s top recommended songs to sing on Popsical karaoke.

Moves Like Jagger


A crowd favourite during most of their concerts. Moves like Jagger has been sitting on the Billboard top 5 since its release as a dance-pop homage hit song for- you guessed it right, Mick Jagger. This catchy song wasn’t originally by Adam Levine but he owned it like it was written solely for him to perform. Turn up the fun meter with Maroon 5’s megahit dance-pop song during your karaoke get together.


Let’s pay tribute to Maroon 5 for contributing the catchiest pop-songs for the last decade! Don’t forget to catch your favourite Maroon 5 songs on Popsical Remixon your next karaoke night. Download your Popsical Appnow to get access to the latest songs! 

Best Maroon 5 Popsical karaoke playlist




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