Asia Tech Award Winner: Popsical Remix review

Asia Tech Award Winner: Popsical Remix review

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Make all your karaoke dreams come true with the Popsical Remix

Best Karaoke System Popsical Remix

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As someone who is half Pinoy, karaoke has a special place in my heart. There's nothing like singing your heart out, even with off-key notes and strained keys, be it alone or with the company of fun-loving friends and family. In Malaysia, one of the best ways to hang out or bond with others (if you have the budget) is to go to a karaoke parlour with food and drinks in tow, being able to have that space to sing your heart out and even go so far as dancing. 

There are some downsides though; despite having your own room, your level of privacy isn’t that high and peak hours means paying extra. In the Philippines, it is possible to do karaoke at home but that means renting a huge karaoke box and having to find your favourite songs on a thick book, and realising that the latest songs won’t be in because the hard drive isn’t up to date. 

But that culture looks likely to change thanks to Popsical, a young startup from Singapore that promises you can sing the latest songs in a matter of time, in the comfort of your home, all with the Popsical Remix (just be careful of bothering the neighbours).

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Popsical Remix what you get

The Popsical Remix set comes with two microphones (so you don't have to karaoke alone), a remote, a charger with wire, and interestingly enough, an android box. As most of the karaoke songs are accessible through Popsical's cloud servers, this device is necessary to access all of your favourite songs, be it old or new. Can’t find your favourite song? You can let Popsical know and they will work on it. This means, you better prepare as much as you can before Uncle Sammi comes over and laments that his favourite Frank Sinatra track is missing. 

Speaking of preparation, setting up the Popsical Remix is relatively easy as long as you have all of the parts necessary. While the set does provide all you need in the box, there is a need for batteries and two cables which they do not provide which are vital for your karaoke session; an HDMI cable and a 3.5mm AUX cable. While HDMI cables are pretty much the mainstay in most houses with a TV these days, the same can’t be said for the 3.5mm AUX cable. Thankfully cables like these are pretty affordable, so it’s not a major extra expense if you do get them. 

The 3.55mm AUX cable is necessary as that will be the output for the microphone. Unfortunately, unless your TV accommodates an AUX cable, you will need another source of sound. Those with speaker bars may find this a breeze, but those without one may hit another roadblock in their quest for home karaoke. 

Read more about Popsical Remix HERE.

Another aspect to set up is the app, another integral component to your karaoke dreams. You will need to download the Popsical app and set up your account before you start. You will also need to subscribe to the service, which is free for the first month but will then cost MYR14.99 per month. (If you're in Singapore, it'll cost you S$10.99 per month. Otherwise, if you're in anywhere else in the world, it'll cost you USD9.99 per month). This app will also act as a replacement for the remote control should it be missing in the hype of singing to It’s My Life.


Popsical Remix user interface at home
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There’s no doubt that the quality you get on the Popsical is a lot like those you get at KTVs; right down to the scrolling lyrics and unrelated background videos of women walking and posing in scenic areas. That’s not a bad thing at all as it seriously enhances that karaoke experience if you ask me! 

Popsical may come off as English primarily, but I can assure you that you can find every Asian song you can think of. And if you can’t, you can always request for it as mentioned earlier. I was able to find all the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and even Filipino songs I could think of easily, much to my delight and surprise. But fair warning to those who like singing foreign songs and hoping for it to be in pinyin, not all will come with that option. I suppose at times like these, you will need to depend on Google and reading it from your mobile. 

You also have the option to sing the lyrics off the app too! Though that may come off as rather distracting. Other features of the app include toggling the singer, whether you want to hear the original singer’s voice to see if you’re in-key or if you want to do a duet, the option is all available on the app. 

The microphone does a great job bringing out your singing voice, though you will need a good level of speakers attached to really bring it out. But do remember to turn off the microphones manually as they will not automatically turn off when not in use, and the last thing you need is to scramble for more batteries when you start your next karaoke session and realise the batteries have been drained.


singing with popsical at home

This Kickstarter project definitely caters to those who love karaoke but can’t afford the peak hour prices at KTV locations or the price of rental. With homes becoming the center of entertainment, it makes sense to have your own home karaoke system that ensures the latest music as well as the options similar to those at the karaoke lounges. 

While set up may be a bit problematic, there’s no doubt that the Popsical Remix is the karaoke system you should look into for home karaoke. With unlimited song choices and plenty of karaoke options right at your fingertips, the only problem you may get into is your neighbours complaining on your rendition of My Heart Will Go On.

 This product is a winner of the Asia Tech Awards for the Best Karaoke System Award. Find out more about this award on our official website!

Read more about Popsical Remix HERE.

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