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Singing like a pro- 5 tips to become a rockstar

Do you need to be a good singer to be a rockstar?

You can learn how to sing while enjoying it when you do karaoke.

Popsical can be your ticket to becoming a great singer, on or off stage. In this article, we'll share with you a few tips on how to be a better singer. Let Popsical be your tool in achieving the voice you dream about having.  Be one step closer to reaching your dream with these simple tips.

Warm up your body before your voice

Your voice responds better when your body is warmed up or energized. You'll know when you've warmed up enough when your body starts sweating. You'll know the difference in your voice when you sing before and after your warm up. The good thing is that with Popsical, you can do both at the same time! Popsical's wireless microphones also make it hassle free for you!

Releasing Tension

Aside from warming up, stretching can be your best friend. Tension is one of a singer's worst enemy. Stretching relieves tension. Concentrate on the parts of your body that have the most tension. You'll be surprised by how your voice changes after you stretch. 

Open your mouth

Of course, you need to open your mouth when you sing. In this article, it means that you have to open your mouth wide enough so you can articulate your words better. Better articulation will lead to better singing.

Sing your heart out

Singing out of tune, full volume and dancing like a crazy person helps. This way, you can be more relaxed when singing. Popsical allows you to do this. You can sing and dance your heart out since you can bring Popsical anywhere. Just make sure that the system you're attaching it to has an AUX port. The reason behind singing and dancing like a crazy person helps you relax better. You can now then act normal and still maintain that state of relaxation.

Feelings are everything

For you to sing better, you should feel what you are singing. Feeling what you are singing helps your voice relax. It opens your voice in response to your feelings. It also makes for an amazing performance. You might even shed a tear when singing.

These tips can help you become a better singer. With Popsical, it makes it all easier. You can practice singing anytime and anywhere you want. The convenience Popsical gives you when practicing your singing voice makes it easier for you to achieve the voice that you want. You can practice singing with your favorite songs since Popsical has a very large song library. You're going to be a great singer one day, and Popsical will help you achieve that dream. 

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