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Three New Features on Popsical Karaoke App

February 15, 2018

At Popsical, your feedback are taken seriously. Which is why we're working hard day and night to improve our service to make you happy.

Here are new features we materialize to make your smart karaoke wishes come true!

1. Create your own playlist:

Save your go-to karaoke songs onto your very own custom playlists. Simply go to your "My Playlists" page and press "Create new playlist".

Now you're free to save the playlists that can be customized to your preference!

2. Play all button:

Play all songs from any playlist with a press of a button, without having to manually add them into the play queue.

Put your smart phone down and sing endlessly!

3. New play queue:

Adjust music volume or toggle vocals directly from the play queue.

No more need to click on the separate tab!

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