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Starker Music Carnival

November 13, 2018

Starker Music Carnival is a series of live music, and it is just as fun as it sounds. The carnival took place on 27th October at the Punggol Town Square, where about 1300 people had come down to join in all the fun. Now that's what you call a party!

Popsical was one of the sponsors of Starker Music Carnival. There was a Popsical Booth where you could karaoke to all your favorite jams for free!

But the deal doesn't end there. You could win a free ice cream for every time you followed us on Facebook and Instagram. Also, after you sung a song with Popsical, you got a free sticker that you could later redeem for a lucky spin!

Starker Music Carnival was not jut about karaoke though. Taiwanese superstar A-Lin came on stage and shared her voice with all of us. You could also enjoy an array of live music sessions from Starker Music Jam's finalists and local bands such as the Hubba Bubbas, MiCapella and The Façade.

Starker Music Carnival was an amazing event, and we got to meet karaoke enthusiasts from all over Singapore. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated for more fun events!

Click here to access our photo album for the Starker Music Carnival. You can also check out our story highlights from our Instagram profile.

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