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Ring in the New Year with these Uplifting Karaoke Tunes

January 9, 2018

So the year is 2018. Conventionally, when it comes to setting New Year’s resolutions, most people shoot for the moon. We tell ourselves that this is going to be MY year... I’ll start with a celery cleanse, sign up for a new gym-membership, bury old hatchets and make it a point to meet up with some old mates this year. I will stop eating processed and junk food, quit drinking and work out five times a week. I will engage in more charitable work and be nice to everyone. Apparently, the start of every new year is always going to be magical.

Why can’t we just relax and enjoy the moment, take it easy and set realistic goals for once, one at a time. Like getting family and friends together in the new year for a wicked Karaoke session at the comfort of your home? 😉 Not only is that easily attainable, it’s just so much more fun and satisfying in achieving goals that does not require you to starve or complete a marathon. Jeeeez…

So over here at Popsical, we’ve come up with a New Year playlist that will put you in the right frame of mind for the new year to karaoke to. A list of uplifting and empowering songs that will propel you to reach the rest of your impractical goals. Let’s take a look!

1. Taylor Swift - …Ready For It? 

Taylor Swift - ...Ready For It?

Of course, the 27-year old pop sensation had to make a majestic return to the spotlight, three years since the album “1989,” with a feisty album full of shades at her arch enemies and songs depicting her infatuation with new Beau, Joe Alwyn. Just like ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, the impressive sci-fi themed music video for ‘…Ready for it?’ is nothing but a very clever and well-produced work of art. The video includes plenty of clues that point to Swift’s current relationship status. Some of them include the graffiti of ‘91’ and ‘89’ which represent Swift and Alwyn’s birth years and phrases like "UR Gorgeous" and "I Love You in Secret", on the walls which are song titles in the ‘Reputation’ album. 

Taylor isn’t afraid to love again despite all her failed relationships under the media spotlight. She is definitely ready and confident for this new relationship to blossom. 

‘I know I’m gonna be with you so I’ll take my time.’

What about you? Are YOU ready to soar into the new year with the same confidence that Taylor writes her songs with? 😉

2. Katy Perry - Fireworks

Katy Perry - Firework

‘Fireworks’ by pop princess Katy Perry is definitely a Karaoke essential. The lyrics are simple yet powerful in bringing the message across. The melody is uplifting with high notes in its chorus. The music video is filled with inspiring stories of people who need to find their inner firework, including a little boy who is upset to see his parents fighting, a cancer-stricken teenager who dreamily watches television and a young woman at a party where everyone is in their underwear. Towards the chorus, Perry ignited her inner fireworks as seen from them shooting out of her chest. Shortly after, everyone else begins to also find theirs. 

All in all, this song is just a timeless karaoke sing-a-long perfect for both the old and the young.

3. Pharrell Williams - Happy

Pharrell Williams - Happy

“Dear 2018, my new year resolution is to focus all my energy on the positive things in life. No bad vibes and definitely no time for unnecessary drama. I just want to be happy.” 

If that’s you, ‘Happy’ is the perfect anthem that you should religiously chant to in the new year. This hit song by Pharrell Williams will remind you to not sweat the little things in life and just be happy about the things that matter. It’s time to dance and shake off all that negativity in the new year. 😊

“Here come bad news talking this and that, yeah, Well, give me all you got, and don't hold it back, yeah, Well, I should probably warn you I'll be just fine, yeah, No offense to you, don't waste your time”

4. Dua Lipa – New Rules

Dua Lipa - New Rules

New Year, New Rules. I’m pretty sure most of us have heard new brit-pop sensation, Dua Lipa’s New Rules over the radio for the past couple of months. Why is this a good song for the new year? 

It’s an empowering song for us to remind ourselves to not repeat past mistakes when it comes to dating or anything else in life for that matter. There is a reason for every break up and why certain things ended in the first place. The music video for this song is especially empowering for women, as represented by a flock of flamingos and girls who shows support for each other in times of heartbreak and uncertainty.

It’s time to set some new rules for ourselves in the new year as we emerge stronger from our past mistakes. 

5. DJ Khaled feat. Ludacris, Rick Ross, T-Pain & Snoop Dogg – All I Do Is Win

DJ Khaled feat.  Ludacris, Rick Ross, T-Pain & Snoop Dogg - All I Do Is Win

American record producer, radio personality, DJ, record label executive and author DJ Khaled is well known for his skyrocketing confidence in everything that he does for his career. 

Even the formal POTUS gave his stamp of approval to that song when he made his entrance to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner to that anthem in 2013.

"It represents winners, and Obama's a winner, I'm a winner, you're a winner. And it represents the people, and it's love and excitement, so shout-out to Obama." – DJ Khaled

‘All I Do Is Win’ is a song about working so hard to reach that notable level of success that no one can ever deny it. It’s quite a motivating song to karaoke to for the new year though albeit cocky. This hit number of DJ Khaled just shows us that you have hustle hard enough if you want to be the best. There is absolutely no room for anyone to be lazy if you want to make it big. 

“All I do is win win win no matter what Got money on my mind I can never get enough And every time I step up in the buildin' Everybody hands go up And they stay there…”

Ok wow this is slowing turning into a motivational speech.

6. Auli'i Cravalho - How Far I’ll Go

Auli'i Cravalho - How Far I'll Go

Next up, we have a 2017 essential from the Disney movie, ‘Moana’. ‘How Far I’ll Go’ is written by the incredibly talented Lin-Manual Miranda who has also casually produced and scored the music for other award-winning musicals like Hamilton and 21 Chump Street. Miranda’s style of writing has always been simple and straight to the point, which is what makes it so inspirational. That is an especially important factor in a children’s song to get the message across when their grasp of language isn’t so strong.

‘How Far I’ll Go’ is a song about strength, independence, and finding your own way in the world with bravery. So go out there, find your own island and build our own little empire in the New Year!

7. Lea Salonga & Brad Kane - A Whole New World

Lea Salonga & Brad Kane - A Whole New World

Another of Disney’s all-time favourite hit song would be this sweet duet from the movie, ‘Aladdin’. The song is a ballad between the primary characters Aladdin and Jasmine about the new world they are going to discover together while riding on Aladdin’s magic carpet. 

This is an excellent song for lovers as its dramatic and the whole “you-and-i-against-the-world” theme just makes everything extra cheesy and fun to karaoke to. 

“…Let me share this whole new world with you

A whole new world

That’s where we’ll be

A thrilling chase

A wondrous place

For you and me…”

For some of us single folks out there, I suppose a good new year resolution would be to find that special someone to ride that magic carpet and discover the new year together with? Hahaa

8. Rita Ora – Your Song

Rita Ora - Your Song

Three years after her greatest hit single “I Will Never Let You Down," British singer and actress Rita Ora has returned with this new pop ear-worm. This new release by brit-pop princess Rita Ora is definitely a song we should live by in the New Year.

“it’s a song that’s full of positivity and about feeling on top of the world, like everything is going right and that’s where my life is right now.” – Rita Ora

So throw away that old memorabilia box full of nasty memories of people who aren’t deserving of you. Delete those sad songs from your playlists that remind you of these bad memories and replace them up with good ones. (By the way, do you know we will soon be having a favourite playlist feature on Popsical? You will be able to create your very own playlists and save them for all your Karaoke sessions! ) 

So dive into the new year with only good vibes and positivity and I assure you that the good things will manifest themselves after. 😉 

9. The Killers – Mr Brightside

The Killers - Mr Brightside

“Mr. Brightside” is the sort of catchy song that you can find yourself screaming at the top of your lungs with your friends at a party or even just humming to yourself when you hear it in a bar, with absolutely no idea how it first entered your head. This is probably why this timeless classic has been played over and over again over the last decade and still so refreshing to the ears even if you’ve heard it for the thousandth time. 

With the same theme to the song as Your Song, Mr Brightside is a song about, you guessed it, looking on the Brightside in most situation, in this case especially in break-ups. 

Grab life by the collar and turn those bad situations around to your advantage!

10. Abba – Dancing Queen

Abba - Arrival

I still remember those days where I would sit at the back of the car while my dad jams to Abba in the driver’s seat with absolutely no shame. That is when I fell in love with the likes of great bands like Abba, The Beatles and The Carpenters.  There is just something so authentic and real about these records from the 70s that you just don’t really get it in modern day music these days.

Even Queen Elizabeth couldn’t hesitate to dance along to this tune at a Windsor Castle event. If the Queen of England is able break some moves to this song, there is no reason why you shouldn’t jam along to this tune in a Karaoke session. 

"Dancing Queen" is actually a song about the end. Or at least, edging ever closer towards it. It is a song that respects the truth that the passing of time only moves in one direction. 

However, as time passes, we should always remind ourselves to let our hair down from time to time amidst all these madness in this fast globalising world and be our own Dancing Queen.

I hope these songs will provide you with some ideas on how to get the Karaoke pumping with your family and friends in the New Year. Maybe they’d give you a bit of a motivation too. As cheesy as this might sound next, go out there and shoot for the moon in the new year. For even when you do miss, you’re gonna land among the stars. 😉 

From everyone here at Popsical, I wish all of you a Happy New Year 2018 filled with various personal milestone and always a good time with all your loved ones.

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