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Popsical Express

April 12, 2018

At Popsical, we take the well-being of our customers seriously. Karaoke can be a serious affair when done with highly competitive singers who can’t seem to let go of the microphone.

So we developed sound effects to add some spice to your karaoke session! Actually, all that we’re adding is laughters (literally). Communication is key, even during karaoke. Now, you can express yourself without saying a word with our sound effects – so you’ll never have to worry about offending anyone. We get it, being nice can be tiring.

So of course we came up with a solution for you. Jump aboard the Popsical Express!


With a range of effects added into your Popsical app, you'd now be able to cheer, applaud, jeer, show your boredom, laugh and add drum rolls into your karaoke session.


Now you get to cheer someone on minus the pom-poms! 
Or if there’s no one cheering you on… 
Omi would say - you’ve found yourself a cheerleader now.


Gaga lives on the applause, applause, applause! 
If your friend deserves it, go ahead!
Give it to her, she’s worth it!


Simon Cowell’s honest. Brutally honest. 
You can be too, minus the brutality. 
We got you covered.


If your friend is monotonous – it hurts, we know. 
So let them know and put a stop to the misery.


A good laugh is sunshine in the house.
Hit the button to add some laughter to your session!


Everyone loves a little bit of suspense. 
Even during karaoke. 
Drum rolls please..!

We are always hearing your feedback and concerns and we make it our duty to address them in an effective, and a timely manner. When we revolutionize karaoke, we also uphold the responsibility to ensure that your karaoke experience is world-class. Keep singing to us, we're listening. Meanwhile, don't suppress it, express it.

Popsical Express
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