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Popsical celebrates local music

June 29, 2018

Popsical has always been fond of supporting local music and in creating a platform for aspiring and existing home-grown artists to share their artistry.

Which is why here is a list of campaigns between June and September that we have decided to spearhead or be a part of, to shine a light on our fellow artists. It’s time to recognise the virtuosity of our fellow Singaporeans!

SPOP Sing!

Did you know that we are a proud partner of SPOP Sing! auditions? Spot our iconic pink and green Popsical TVs as they are used to stream each contestant’s song of choice!

Popsical Karaoke Sing Off 2018

We are bringing back the stage for you to unleash your inner rockstar. Anyone can sing in any language, solo or duet! Hurry up and register now at www.popsical.com/pkso2018! Online auditions for Popsical Karaoke Sing Off 2018 ends on 11 July, and the Grand Finale is on 5 August. Are you ready to be the next Fairus Adam?

Caraoke by Alfred Sim (brought to you by Popsical & A Better TV)

How better to celebrate local music than to bring in Project Superstar 2014 winner Alfred Sim? Each Caraoke episode will be live-streamed on Facebook – your best chance to interact with Alfred Sim and each episode’s special guest via Facebook’s live comment feature. And more singing will take place at Popsical’s very own booth at Our Tampines Hub! Stay tuned for further updates in July and August!

Weekly feature of local artists

We will embark on a weekly feature of local artists, which will take place alongside the Caraoke by Alfred Sim. Whether existing or aspiring artists, as long as they are contributing to the local music scene, they deserve to be recognised for their virtuosity! So keep your eyes open for our rich video snippets and trivia every week on various homegrown artists!

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